Customer Review - Diamond on fire

Wow, wow wow, that’s all I can say. Tim made my dream Solesfera diamond ring, it’s sparkle , fire and brilliance is like no other. Went to Devon’s even their best diamond did not shine like my ring. Tim was so helpful and available, I think he sleeps with his phone . Had to send an emergency email around 12-1 am to clarify something, wasn’t expecting to hear from him until the next morning, guess what ..... Tim replied within seconds. I was shocked and felt bad at the same time. Tim sells what he believes in, showed my ring to my personal jeweler he had no words. Everyone is blinded by the shine of the diamond. From now onwards it’s only solesfera if I ever have to buy. Great customer service, have already recommended him to several of my friends. Thank you Tim once again. Will surely do business with you in the near future. Love my ring , bling ! Bling!"



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