Featured Ring - 18k White Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


Why do we love this ring?

This ring features the modern look of a round stone set into a cushion halo. The reason that this is such a plus is because round stones tend to have more brilliance than cushion cut stones. By going with a setting like this, you can have the best of both worlds...the look of a cushion stone with the brilliance of a round stone.



Things you should know about this ring!

This ring is set with beautiful pave work that features diamonds covering most of the shank and going around the center stone. The "french set pave" style ensures the minimal amount of metal on each stone giving the ring the illusion of being a circle of floating diamonds. 


The cushion shaped halo is specially designed on the inside to hug the contour of the round center stone so that there are no unsightly gaps between the stone and the inside of the halo. 


The basket of the ring is carefully encrusted with more pave diamonds to give this ring a regal style and look. The sparkle from the carefully, hand-selected melee makes this ring a ball of light and brilliance. 


Who is this ring best suited for?


This ring is best suited to those who are looking for a ring that will dazzle but not overwhelm. The thin band and thin halo tastefully compliment the stone. 


This ring pairs EXCEPTIONALLY well with diamond alternatives, such as Amora Gems, lab grown gemstones and lab grown diamonds. This means that this beautiful piece of jewelry can come together on a budget. 

It will look great with any size center stone over 0.50ct, but for the full effect of the cushion halo, we recommend going with a 1.00ct or largeer stone.
This ring will look great with a diamond or gemstone in the center.
This ring will withstand daily wear well!

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