FEATURED RING: Zirconium, Rose Gold, and Red Heart Wood Wedding Band

Zirconium Wedding Band with 1mm Rose Gold Inlay and Red Heart Wood Inner Sleeve

Of all the rings that we carry here at Emma Parker & Co., we like to pick out our favorites. Today's favorite comes from the amazing Lashbrook Wedding Band line. It is a zirconium wedding ring with a 1mm inlay of 14k Rose Gold, offset for a modern look!


On the inside is an amazing sleeve of Red Heart wood which give the ring a stunning look. If you are looking for a band that is a real showstopper, something different that traditional gold, the this ring is a great option to consider. 


As always, with Emma Parker & Co. rings, you have customization options galore! We can customize this ring in almost any way. Different metal? No problem. Different wood? Sure! Wider rose gold inlay? Yes! So drop us a line and design your perfect ring today!