Engagement ring center stone alternatives, its not just diamonds anymore!

For the last 70 - 80 years, diamonds have been the "traditional" center stone for an engagement ring. This is due mostly in part to billions of dollars of advertising money from huge companies like De Beers and others. Its no mystery, diamonds are expensive! In fact, the common conception is that you need to spend 2-3 months salary on the diamond you plan to purchase for you loved one! This is more De Beers marketing message. 

Since 2008, we have noticed many new approaches to purchasing a center stone for an engagement ring. As the cost of diamonds and gold rose sharply, shoppers found that their hard earned cash just didn't stretch as hard as they had hoped. That's when creativity took over. In this article, we are going to show you some really great option for an engagement ring center stone that are unique, beautiful, and budget friendly!

Diamond Simulants - CZ, Coated CZ, Moissanite

Diamond simulants can be a really beautiful and amazingly cost effective way to put a center stone in a ring. We have helped many customers take this route and we have heard many opinions. Some couples have decided to start with a simulant to keep costs down with plans to put a natural diamond in the ring for an anniversary down the road, and others have chosen to just stay with the simulant, content to all observers, there are no visible differences. 

Round Forever Brilliant Moissanite Stone
This 6.5mm round center stone has the same measurements as a 1.00ct diamond. It also has beautiful brilliance, clean clarity, and a white color, but the price of this stone is approximately $510, as opposed to approximately $5,000 for a diamond of this size and appearance. 
Forever One Moissanite Gemstone

White Gemstone Alternatives
There are some clear, or white gemstones that can serve as alternatives for an engagement ring center stone. Here are a few!

White Sapphire
A white sapphire is another great alternative to a diamond for an engagement ring center stone. While it does not have the brilliance of a diamond, the beauty of the stone is undeniable. 
White Sapphire

White Topaz
While a white topaz will not yield up the brilliance of a diamond, or a diamond simulant, it does have a strikingly white color!
White Topaz Gemstone

Colored Gemstone Center Stone Options
There are so many awesome colored gemstones available, and the stunning array of colors can make for exceptional options for engagement ring center stones! Here are some well known, and some less well known options!

Sapphires come in lots of different colors. One of the most beautiful gemstones available, here some great engagement ring options!

This unique purple/violet sapphire 1.00ct sapphire is a unique and stunning color! A stone like this would retail around $1,700 and i
Purple Sapphire Gemstone
s a stunning alternative center stone for a truly unique engagement experience. 

It's really hard to go wrong with a beautiful pink center stone. In fact, pink diamonds of this hue are priced as high as $500,000 per carat! But you can get more selection and certainly a better price for a stunningly beautiful pink center stone by going with a pink sapphire. This 1.00ct stone would set you back about $900...totally worth it for the amazing color!
Pink Sapphire Gemstone

Of course, you can't have a discussion about sapphires without talking about blue!!! A stunning medium blue 1.00ct sapphire like this one will run about $900, and make a huge splash in a beautiful engagement ring setting!
Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Sometimes you come across a really unique color when looking at a colored stone. Here is an example of a red/purple sapphire with an exquisit and rare color. This particular 1.00ct stone is priced around $2400, but for a rare color like this, it is well worth the price!
Purple Sapphire Gemstone

This orange/pink (almost red) sapphire has a color that is priceless, but this slightly larger than 1.00ct stone is priced remarkably affordable in the $2,400 range. Just another example that great color does not have to break the budget!
Red Sapphire Gemstone

Vivid yellow center stones have been a trend in recent years in engagement rings. A really high quality vivid yellow diamond will set you back in budget big time, however a vivid yellow sapphire like this 1.01ct vivid yellow sapphire is priced at around $975. Huge savings, same great look!

Vivid Yellow Sapphire

If you are looking for a great sapphire, but budget restrictions are limiting your ability to get the stone you want, you should consider Chatham Lab Created Sapphires. They are beautiful and affordable and will give your ring an amazing look! Here are some of the incredible stones that you can get that are lab created sapphires!

Yellow Lab Grown Sapphire GemstonePadparasha Lab Grown Sapphire GemstoneBlue Lab Grown Sapphire GemstonePink Lab Grown Sapphire Gemstone

A beautiful, fine quailty emerald can make a stunning center for an engagement ring. Because emerald stones tend to have a large amount of imperfections, so to a get a really nice stone it might be neccessary to open the budget a little bit. This 1.02ct vivid green emerald is about $4,000, but the color is stunning and the clarity is quite clean for an emerald.
Natural Columbian Emerald Gemstone

Here is another vivid green emerald, this 1.19ct oval emerald stone is in the $5,200 price range, however the stone is simply spectacular and would serve as a stunning center stone for an engagement ring!

Natural Columbian Emerald Gemstone

If you are looking for a great emerald center stone, but budget keeps getting in the way, then there is a wonderful option for you to get a stunning stone! By looking at Chatham Lab Created Emeralds, you can get a great looking stone without breaking your budget! This beautiful 7x5mm emerald stone is priced around $325, and has a stunning green color, and totally eye clean clarity!
Emerald Lab Grown Gemstone

This is one of my favorite alternative center stones. The soft pink hue of the stone gives a beautiful appearance to any ring. Here are some examples!

This loose morganite stone has a beautiful pink hue. Combined with the natural shine of the stone, this makes it a great alternative stone for an engagement ring. Among the less expensive center stone options, expect prices in the $130 - $350 range depending on the size and quality.
Natural Morganite Gemstone

This fantastic gemstone is features amazing color, and a stunning apperence. My first exposure to this stone was an exerpeicne I'll never forget as I was captivated by the blood red color and fantastic appearence! This is a wonderful alternative center stone for an engagement ring and is sure to draw lots of attention!

This intense medium flame red 1.07ct Spinel is a great example of how stunning the color of Spinel can be. At $1,200 for the stone, the price is well worth the beauty this stone would bring to a ring!
Natural Red Spinel Gemstone

Spinel can also come in soft pink colors like this magnificent stone! For a mere $400, this over 1.00ct oval stone has a spectacular color that would work beautifuly in many engagement rings, especially rose gold or two tone!

Natural Pink Spinel Gemstone

Deep red is another color that can be found in the Spinel family, like this 1.23ct deep red Spinel $595.
Natural Deep Red Spinel Gemstone