8 Ways How Not To Lose Your Engagement Ring

Want to know how not to lose your engagement ring? Build routine altering habits!

Humans are creatures of habit. Every single day we get up and we take steps to go through a routine that we have been doing day in and day out. Habits become routines and routines form the rhythms for life. Get up at the same time every day and, pretty soon, you will start waking up 2 minutes before the alarm clock. The truth is, without routine, our lives would be a chaotic mess of confusion and disorganization.


Life happens! Managing disruptions properly is how not to lose your engagement ring.

But what happens when you disrupt your routine? A disruption in your routine can cause things to go haywire on its own, but when you add in work, stress, fatigue, or some other factor, that is when things can go really wrong. 

Most people don't think of the big events like getting engaged or getting married as a disruption, but for most, the truth is that these changes are a major interruption to life’s routines. One of the most valued symbols of love is the engagement ring. As such, it is important to know how not to lose your engagement ring. All around the world these symbols of love grace hands with the promise that, someday soon, there will be a wedding. Engagement rings are symbols of love, fidelity, and commitment, and because of that they should be treasured. That means that you should be proactive so as not to lose your engagement ring.


Sentimental Value: The real reason you want to know how not to lose your engagement ring.

A beautiful engagement ring brings two challenges with it. First, wearing it without damaging it. Second, not loosing your engagement ring. We will talk about not damaging your engagement ring in another post. The sorrow felt over losing an engagement ring is not really about the money. After all, that is why insuring your engagement ring is so important (more about that in just a bit). The real sorrow that accompanies such a loss is the tremendous sentimental value that these symbols of love and commitment hold for each person and couple.

I can distinctly remember when I proposed to my wife. We were down in a beautiful rock crevasse when I asked her to marry me, and shortly after, we had to rock scramble our way out. Well, the engagement ring was scratched on the underneath side pretty good afterwards. Several years later when I had the center stone tightened, the jeweler also polished the engagement ring so that it looked like new. When the ring was finished and she put it back on, feeling that the bottom of the ring was shiny and new, with no scratches, she cried. To her, those scratches represented memories of the day that I had given her that engagement ring, and the fact that they were gone meant that a piece of that day was gone as well. 

Since there is such a deep emotional attachment to this piece of jewelry, it is important to develop habits that will grow into part of your daily routine which will prevent you from losing your engagement ring. However, before we start on the habits you should build, a few things you should do in your journey of how not to lose your engagement ring....


Important steps to take while forming habits that will allow you to not lose your engagement ring.

First, insure your engagement ring! This will ensure that, if you should happen to lose your engagement ring, or it is stolen, you will not also have the sorrow of being unable to replace your engagement ring. We recommend Jewelers Mutual Insurance to all our engagement ring customers. They are a great company that offers customers amazing rates and wonderful coverage. Having worked with them over the years to replace rings for my customers, I can attest to how easy they are to work with, and how good of a value they provide for their customers. 

Second, remember that you are most likely to lose important things after a major upheaval in your routine. I can remember when our first child was born, we seemed to lose everything. It didn't matter if it was big or small, if it could be misplaced, we managed to misplace it. 


Managing upheaval in your routine is key to not lose your engagement ring!

When you first get engaged and the ring is brand new, this is when you need to be acutely aware of how not to lose your engagement ring. Again, after the wedding or on your honeymoon is yet another time when you should think about how not to lose your engagement ring, simply because there are such large interruptions in routine, and rings, by their nature are small and easily misplaced. 

That is why, if you want to keep from losing your ring, put these 8 simple habits into practice, then you will be fully aware of how not to lose your engagement ring. 


Setting up one or two safe places in your home will help keep you from losing your engagement ring.

In order to not lose your engagement ring at home, have one or two places that you always put it when you take it off INSIDE your home. This may sound simple enough, but until you establish one or two places by habit, you might be surprised just how many places you set your engagement ring down once you take it off! Perhaps this safe place is a jewelry box on your dresser, or a little dish or ring holder in your kitchen or bathroom (more detail on this below!). This way, if you ever come to the realization that your ring isn't on your finger, and you just can't remember taking it off, you can be pretty sure that it is in one of your special places.

Safe places are critical actions to take in how not to lose your engagement ring


Storing your ring well while you are on the go will keep you from losing your engagement ring.

So as not to lose your engagement ring when you are out, have one common place that you always put your engagement ring when you take it off OUTSIDE of your home. One word of caution here, don't ever put your engagement ring in your pocket! With how the pockets on pants seem to keep shrinking in depth, this has never been more of a sure loss. We suggest placing the ring in a zippered area of either a purse, backpack, satchel or briefcase. Placing the ring in something that seals and is larger than the ring is always the better option. This way your engagement ring is not loose or prone to falling out. One of the reasons engagement rings are so easily lost is that they are so small. So when you are not wearing it, make sure it finds its way to that common/safe place while you are out!

A safe place when you are out is how not to lose your engagement ring away from your home


Keep it away from drains! An essential step in how not to lose your engagement ring!

If you want to be sure not to lose your engagement ring, never keep your engagement ring on a sink or toilet. This may sound obvious, but I have seen so many who have their dish or ring holder for their engagement ring right on the sink or back of a toilet. Now, this is great because they have a consistent place to keep their ring, but not great because at the same time, one false move and someone could bump that ring right into a place from which it may never return! You absolutely need to keep your rings in the vicinity of where you are doing dishes, washing hands or showering, but wherever you do decide to keep your engagement ring when you take it off, ensure that, if the ring were to be bumped, it would not fall into a place where it could easily be lost.

Keeping your engagement ring away from sinks and toilets is key in how not to lose your engagement ring


Proper fit is important in making sure you don't lose your engagement ring. 

One of the best ways not to lose your engagement ring is to have your engagement ring resized whenever needed to ensure that it always fits properly. One of the fastest ways to lose your engagement ring is to have a ring that does not fit properly. This is especially true for those whose ring is too loose from the moment of their engagement. No one wants to part from their treasured new engagement ring right after just getting it, but this will be one of the most common times that rings are lost! Cold weather plays a huge part in many rings slipping right off hands as well. On the other side, if your engagement ring is snug, you will be prone to take it off whenever it becomes uncomfortable, which will be often, and this will increase your chance of misplacing it. Don’t delay in resizing. Ensure that your engagement ring is the proper size and fits you comfortably and securely.

Keeping your ring the proper size is critical in how not to lose your engagement ring


Traveling? Sometimes its better to leave your engagement ring home rather than losing your engagement ring.

Even though it might be difficult to think of doing, in the pursuit of how not to lose your engagement ring, consider leaving your engagement ring home when traveling. Some situations are just not worth taking your ring into. You have heard of the many, many stories of rings lost while people were away on vacation scuba diving, skiing, etc. Jewelry just isn't compatible with every activity, and so it’s important to determine that before you head out on your travels. If you are going on a camping or backpacking trip, perhaps it’s best to let your engagement ring sit that one out. If you do decide to take it with you on vacation, just make sure that you have followed the habit listed above about having that “one secure special place” where you keep your engagement ring when you are out of the house. 

Leaving your ring behind when traveling can be key in how not to lose your engagement ring


The gym...the perfect place to lose (or damage) your engagement ring.

A critical habit to build in the quest for how not to lose your engagement ring is to not wear your engagement ring at the gym. In my nearly 20 years in the jewelry industry, the gym has been one of the top places for damaging and losing engagement rings. Nothing about a gym makes for a friendly environment for a fine piece of jewelry. In addition, during workouts, fingers have a very frustrating habit of swelling, and this can lead to discomfort when wearing your engagement ring. It is also a great place to break diamonds, loose the center stone, or bend the metal structure of the ring. So if you can’t leave it at home, then be sure to put it away securely.

How not to lose your engagement ring? Don't wear it to the gym.


Keeping your engagement ring safe at the beach so you don't lose it!

How not to lose your engagement ring at the beach? Simple! Don't wear it to the beach! One of the most critical steps you can take to not lose your engagement ring is to never wear your engagement ring to the beach. We’ve all seen the people walking up and down the beach with their metal detectors after everyone has gone home for the day searching for treasures. The reason they do this is because many, many people lose their engagement rings at the beach. The truth is, once an engagement ring is dropped into the sand, your chances of finding it become slim, especially if the beach is crowded. Taking your engagement ring off to apply sunscreen also increases the chances of loosing it. Neither the sand nor cold ocean water are kind to people looking to keep from losing their engagement rings.

Never wear your engagement ring to the beach if you care to know how not to lose your engagement ring


Checked luggage is an invitation for theft.

If you want to take your ring with you when you travel, and you don't want to lose your engagement ring, never pack it in your checked baggage. One of the least secure places to store your engagement ring is inside your checked baggage while traveling via airline. Not only are checked bags subject to being searched without notice (which could result in your engagement ring falling out of the bag) suitcase locks are no match for anyone who really wants to get into your luggage. For a person looking to steal valuables, an engagement ring is the perfect target. It is small, easy to conceal, and easy to sell. When traveling, the best policy is to keep your engagement ring on your person at all times.

 Want to never lose your engagement ring? Don't ever pack your engagement ring in checked luggage!

A few parting thoughts on how not to lose your engagement ring...

There are a few other things you can do so as not to lose your engagement ring that don't have to do with forming new habits. Here are some things to consider.


Buying an inexpensive substitute ring is a great way to not lose your engagement ring.

Consider buying a simple, inexpensive ring to wear when know you will be in a situation where you don't want to damage or loose your engagement ring. You can find sterling silver and cubic zirconia rings for a very low cost that will serve as an excellent place holder for your real engagement ring.


Buying a good safe is a great step to take towards not losing your engagement ring (and other valuable things in your home).

Safe's are an investment, but can be a worthwhile purchase for more than just your ring. A good safe that is fire and burglary resistant can be an excellent place to store important paperwork and valuables, including your engagement ring and other precious jewelry. Safes come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of security, so you are sure to be able to find just the right one for you.

Don't forget, the best way how not to lose your engagement ring is to manage disruptions in your routine with well built habits.

Remember, you are more susceptible to loosing your engagement ring whenever there has been a shift in your routine. Take extra precaution to ensure that you are more aware of your engagement ring during the times when life throws a change at you. By following some of these simple habits, you can greatly decrease the chance that you will misplace your engagement ring. 


Timothy Andre is the founder and owner of Emma Parker and Company, a unique private online jeweler that specializes in made-to-order and custom-made fine jewelry pieces. With nearly 20 years of experience making engagement rings, wedding bands, and find jewelry, Tim has overseen the design and manufacture of engagement rings for customers all around the world. Emma Parker and Company was founded to bring back the motto of service and experience during the engagement ring, diamond and jewelry buying experience. To foster this environment, Tim works with each of his clients individually, treating them as people, not as numbers or a sale to be made, but as individuals with a special and unique love story. Each engagement ring, wedding band, or piece of jewelry created by Emma Parker and Company has a purpose and a love story behind it, and Tim considers it an honor to play a small part in the lives of his customers. 

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