Rose Gold Wedding Band – Perfect Modern Love Symbol

A beautiful trend that has emerged in recent years is the resurgence of rose gold in jewelry designs. One of the areas that has seen many of the new designs is the rose gold wedding band. Of course, there are the simple, plain rose gold wedding bands, however, with the manufacturing of new metals in the wedding band market, rose gold has become an extremely popular accent metal to incorporate.

These new designs will use rose gold inlays, sleeves, and coatings. Today a rose gold wedding band can take on so many forms. Just have a look at some of the incredible bands we carry from our top wedding band designer Lashbrook Designs. You will find rose gold wedding bands with Damascus steel, zirconium, titanium, wood inlay or sleeves, and more. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

Rose gold is not a naturally occurring blend of gold. It is an alloy made by mixing silver and copper with gold to form the color. Since Emma Parker & Co. is a custom designer, we can offer customers the ability to customize the shade of their rose gold wedding band. By controlling the mix of the alloy, a darker or lighter hue can be achieved. However, we also have thousands of designs that already have a beautiful mix of rose gold alloy in them.

One particular design that is extremely favorable to rose gold is a design that incorporates colored gemstones. Setting a pink sapphire or a morganite in rose gold can enhance the stone’s appearance and really give a beautiful look! For an exquisite look on a budget, consider creating a rose gold wedding band with Chatham Lab Grown Padparascha Sapphires. These incredibly beautiful, soft pink lab grown gemstones take on a beautiful hue when set in rose gold and will create a stunning design.

So, if you are looking for something different, consider making a rose gold wedding band, or taking white gold wedding band and incorporating rose gold elements in it. Looking for a wedding band on a budget that has an incredible look and awesome durability? Consider a cobalt chrome ring with rose gold design elements such as a stripe or a sleeve. One this is for sure, you can’t go wrong with a rose gold wedding band. It will always look amazing. Rose gold is classic and timeless and extremely versatile in creating a unique design that you will cherish for years to come!