Show Your Commitment to the World with Wedding Rings & Bands

Did you know that the custom of wearing wedding bands can be traced back nearly 6,000 years!?! A wedding band is a sign of commitment. If you have ever been to a wedding, you have probably heard the officiant give some description of why married couples wear wedding bands, but we thought it couldn’t hurt to mention it here again.

A wedding band is so much more than just a piece of jewelry. It is a promise that is worn in a visible place to let the entire world know that you are committed to someone else.

Wedding rings are the physical manifestation of a promise between two people who commit their lives together in marriage.

The wedding ring is made of precious metal to signify the depth of the promise. It is a sign that this is something significant. It is made to be an enduring symbol of love.

Wedding bands are round, which is to say, they have no end, signifying the permanent nature of the marriage relationship.

Wedding rings are worn on the left hand, closest to the heart, where the flame of love is kept alive.

Just because the wedding bands are such an important token of significance doesn’t mean that you and your partner can’t express yourselves through them. There are literally millions of styles of wedding bands available, and now, with new technologies and new metal alloys becoming more and more available, the options are endless.

We estimate there are about 10 million combinations of wedding band designs that we can make to help our customers express their personal style. So, don’t just settle on any wedding ring, get creative! With so many options out there, you can now easily custom-make the ring that expresses your relationship best!

If you are having a little trouble navigating the waters of purchasing or designing a ring, drop us a line! We are always happy to answer questions for folks, even if you aren’t buying your ring from us. With so many wedding band styles out there it can be daunting, but it’s also an opportunity for you to find just the right ring to signify your relationship.

Every relationship is unique, shouldn’t your wedding bands be? Whether it’s gold, platinum, zirconium, titanium, or some other new metal on out there, you will find an amazing host of options everywhere you turn. So unleash that creativity and make your wedding bands as unique as you are!

Zirconium Wedding Ring with 1mm Rose Gold Inlay and Red Heart Wood Inner Sleeve