Emma Parker & Co. Pricing Guide

It is our goal here at Emma Parker & Co. to keep our pricing as simple and straight forward as possible. Because so many of our products can be customized, it is impossible to have every possible price for every possible modification. That is why we invite you to contact us about the products you would like to modify and we will be happy to price them for you.

For basic pricing, it works like this.


  • Prices are shown for 14k Gold/White Gold, unless it is specifically noted in the description that the ring is made in a different metal.

Matching Bands
  • Engagement rings and their matching wedding bands are always SOLD SEPARATELY. If you would like pricing and information on any matching band showing with one of our settings, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Center Stones:

  • Center stones are always SOLD SEPARATELY and so are not included in any engagement ring prices. 

Ring Head Size (How big of a center stone the ring can hold without modification):

  • Prices are based on a head size between .50ct - 1.00ct generally. While we include this information in the description whenever available it is not always readily available from all our designers. For that reason, we base every listed price off the ring being made to hold a 1.00ct head size. For questions about a specific ring price based on different head sizes, please contact us.
Finger Size:
  • Prices are based on finger size 4-8. Often times finger sizes larger or smaller than these sizes will not greatly affect price unless it will add diamond weight, or if the ring is very thick and gold weight will be increase significantly. Rings that have diamonds on the band or shank of the ring will see greater fluctuations in price based on the ring size. For the exact price of any ring, contact us and we will be happy to give you an exact quote.
  • Most of our engagement rings are made to order and can be customized in many ways. If you would like to changed something about one of our rings, please contact us and we will be more than happy to get a price for you and help put the perfect right together. ​
  • Most of our rings are available in a variety of metals. To get a price for a ring in a different metal, please contact us and we will be happy to get you a price for the ring in the metal that you are interested in. 


  • All wedding rings and bands are based on  14k Gold/White Gold unless otherwise noted in the description. Almost all of our rings are available in just about every metal, so if you want a different metal type, please contact us for a price and we will be happy to get that for you.

Finger Size:
  • Prices are based on Size 7.
  • Increasing size in a wedding band, especially a thick band or comfort fit band will have an impact on the price because of the amount of gold weight needed to make the larger size. For exact pricing for any size, please contact us.
  • For diamond bands, or any ring where the total diamond weight of the ring will vary based on ring size (rings with diamonds going halfway around or more), the price is based on size 6.

  • If you would like to change, modify, engrave, or get a price for a ring outside of the normally priced sizes, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you!