The limits of your imagination are the only true boundary...

At Emma Parker & Co. "custom" is not a word that we fear, it is a word we embrace. We know that this makes us unusual in the world of retail jewelry, but that's ok with us! You see, to do custom, it takes time, communication, knowledge, skill, and a willingness to work on a project until the goal is reached. 

When a customer orders an engagement ring from us...we MAKE a new one. There is not a giant case of rings sitting in our office that we pull rings out of already made to ship off to our customers. Rings are made to order for each new customer. 

Here are some of the ways you can customize a ring:
    • Metal Type: There are many different metals and combinations of metals that can be used to make rings. Our rings come in 14k White, Yellow, and Rose Gold, 18k White, Yellow, and Rose Gold, and Platinum. Many of our rings are also available in Palladium.

    • Center Stone Shape: Have you ever found the perfect ring, but it had a different center stone shape than the one you want? We know that this can be a super frustrating experience. That's why we are very open to customizing rings to hold just about any shape of diamond. Now, its true that customizing the center stone shape will change the look of the ring, but that is why we work with on the project, working over designs and options to make the ring design work in harmony with the center stone shape you want to set in it. 

    • Center Stone Type: Yes, it's true, most of our rings are shown with diamonds in the middle, but why should you let this limit your creativity? There are hundreds of beautiful gems out there to choose from, and each different color is a perfect opportunity to show your uniqueness as a couple. From the deep blue of a Ceylon Sapphire, to the stunning red of a Red Spinel, to the velvety green of a beautiful Columbian Emerald and beyond. We can work with you to customize the type of center stone you put in any of our beautiful engagement rings. So use color to express your love, and make your ring truly your own!

  • A New Design: Perhaps you have looked hundreds of different designs, and nothing has really captivated you. You like this element from this ring, that element from that ring, and perhaps a twist of your own. Then bring us your inspiration and let us build a custom ring for you! We have the ability and the skilled artists. Whether your design needs to be hand crafted by true artisans, or drawn in a 3D CAD model we can help you make your dreams come to life. Have a look below at some of the amazing rings we have created and to get your imagination flowing on your design.