Hi and welcome to Emma Parker & Co. We truly feel that, as a company, Emma Parker stands head and shoulders above the jewelry industry. We could give you a whole lot of reasons why you should buy from us and why we are the best, but we suspect that if you have been searching for jewelry, you have already heard all the fanfare that is usually recited to the public in the hopes of convincing you that one company is better than the rest.

We will spare you the needless rhetoric. In reality, we can sum up why we feel that we should be your number one choice, and we can sum it up in one word.


Emma Parker & Co. is all about truth. We are about truth in how we deal with our customers, in how we describe our products, in how we give our recommendations. We are about truth when we mess up and we are about truth in who we are and who know we need to be.

You see...on the other end of every email, every phone call, every chat that you have with Emma Parker & Co., there is not just a customer service rep, but a person...a person who is only working at EP because they were specifically chosen to be here for their kindness, truthfulness, honesty, patience, and understanding. We are not only about selling jewelry, but about serving people, and nothing is more important when serving people than truth.

Of course Emma Parker is in business to make a profit, but for a very different reason than most companies. Our goal is to feed the families that depend on us every day, the families of our owners and our employees. Our EP family is a lot like your family. There are father's, mothers, sons, daughter, brothers and sisters, and we are brought together by our love of jewelry, our love of serving people, and our desire to provide for our families.

It is because of this that we see our customers very differently than most other jewelry companies. You are not a number. You are a person, with a very specific plan for purchasing the jewelry you are buying. You have plans and hopes and emotions attached to the item you are looking for, and we not only know that, but we are excited to be a part of it. Even after many years of doing this, every ring we make, every piece of jewelry we send out still gives us the excitement to know that somewhere a beautiful gift is being given or a well deserved reward is being enjoyed.

It is the stories behind the jewelry that make us love what we do, and we do this with all our hearts. We are here to serve our customers in truth. I know you will find that when you shop at Emma Parker & Co for your jewelry, you will enjoy an experience like no other available in the jewelry or retail industry, and that is why you should choose Emma Parker & Co.